15 October 2015

Mont Saint Michel

Apologies for the lack of posts....contrary to what I'd hoped, school here is just as intense as ever. On the upside, this past week has only been crazy because our teachers are trying to finish everything up before setting us free for our two week (!!!!) toussaint vacation! 

I have a more thoughtful post coming soon (writing it for the SYA blog!) but in the mean time I wanted to share a few quick pictures from this past weekend. Our whole class and some of our host siblings went to Mont Saint Michel to cross the bay, which was an incredible experience. 

We were lucky and got good weather (in the past it's been compared to the apocalypse...) so the six mile march through mud, quicksand and water was actually quite fun... the fact that it was a massive group of friends made the clay in between our toes and on our faces even funnier. I'm sorry about the photo quality but I was to scared to take my real camera after hearing all of the horror stories, so I resorted to my iPhone and a plastic bag :)


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