31 March 2016

bordeaux pics

so so many pictures.... and this is after i edited down from 1000 (and copied them onto my laptop three times each then had to delete the duplicate/triplicates) this was one of the strangest easter weekends I've ever spent but it was absolutely incredible. so so lucky to be in a beautiful place with beautiful people.

xoxo lu

...i have so so so so so so so many pictures that I would like to post, and so many blog posts I would love to write. i promise I'm working on it :)


luxembourg pix

this goes super nicely with my sya blogger post that sort of talked about luxembourg... i promise I'm going to write more about the conference soon, but the link to what I've done so far is below. http://www.chroniclesofasmalllife.com/2016/03/taking-advantage-of-proximity-sya.html

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