28 February 2016

a brief explanation // more thoughts

as I've become more and more used to my life here , I have noticed myself forgetting about my blog. perhaps the reason behind it is that I've forgotten to be amazed by my surroundings but it also struck me that this has become my life and in doing so is no longer a series of events I want to share with anyone and everyone. the most profound things that are happening to me now ... those are becoming sometimes uncomfortable reflections , life lessons specific to me. en bref - not always the things I want to share on a blog. as I continue through my year , I've admittedly left out so much from my blog - some purposefully but much simply due to lack of attention. therefor from now on I will post anything and everything I want (see the last post ... great example of me doing "n'importe quoi" or you could call it being inspired mid snapchat conversation / by a sweatshirt emblazoned France) which might mean some pretty random stuff. and of course - the chateaus and independent travel posts that I've missed will eventually appear. and the English class assignments will continue , etc etc. 

anyway , a mini reflection on blogging abroad. things are about to get very causal - just about as casual and melangé as they can be - on the blog and hopefully that will mean more (realistic) content. I am so so fortunate and I hope to document it in a way that is worth looking back at years from now...but at the very least I will have some fantastic memories. I'm tired . Good night :) and à la prochaine !

I took a selfie // and had a quick thought

someone told me to come home today and it made me realize that i have two now. two homes worth missing , real homes. 

then i realized the impossibility of simultaneously inhabiting them , and my heart broke a little as I realized how lucky i am. 

*this was almost an Instagram post 

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