01 May 2020

...a few years later

I admit I haven't done very well with the whole blogging thing in recent memory... It seems to have taken a global pandemic-induced shutdown to get me logged back in, which is a bit ridiculous. Before I returned home due to COVID-19 health worries, I was arguably living one of the best versions of my life. Apparently part of that life was being so busy that despite (repeatedly) saying I should update my blog, I never did. So, perhaps all of this time indoors will be a blessing in disguise and I will polish up the site once more.

Up until six weeks ago, my life took place in a tiny little Scottish village on the coast. I was studying abroad as a junior in college, an experience which I enjoyed as a high-schooler and would certainly recommend for university students. I was fortunate enough to travel fairly often and lived in a little apartment with random roommates that became close friends. The experience yielded loads of photographs and memories, which I hope to share eventually. But for now, hello! I think I'm back.
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