13 July 2018

A & A Guidebook : Addison Street

Today, we visited Addison Street, home to three stores including NaNin (pictured above).

"The store was very cool and had candles that smelled yummy."
- Alice

Next door is Addison Vintage. 
They had a huge collection of hand picked items, including all these ~funky~ sunglasses.
Overall, a cool store. 

They also carry local and handmade new goods, like this case of jewelry.

The third store on the street is Yesterday's Heroes. This is another vintage store with a bit of a different, simpler vibe. Lots of jeans plus a mix of new and old clothes, all handpicked by the owner.

Lastly, we checked out NaNin's studio candle sale. They had a selection of clothing as well as tons of candles for very cheap. The candles smelled delicious and we got a few for ourselves and few as gifts.

Overall, not a typical day of babysitting or a regular shopping experience. However, it was a different experience that was worth exploring - even for kids. (Especially because of the free food and LaCroix at the studio...and the adorable dog.)


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