03 November 2015

welcome to the fam//superquick

Hello again! This is going to be yet another teeny post (school has started again and life is crazy) but I have to share... I haven't talked much about my host family but they are an absolutely key part of my experience. I knew from my first day in my new home that they were adopting me as one of their own - mainly because my two brothers immediately began messing with me exactly like real siblings. I was also given free rein in the kitchen, which is huge for someone who loves food as much as me. I felt right at home when I got stuck in Rennes and my big brother came to pick me up in under ten minutes with absolutely zero complaints and each time a family member invited me to come along on some adventure with them. Throughout these past two months I have truly been welcomed into the family ... But tonight I way reminded of exactly how much so. 
Let me first say that you should never, NEVER let your brothers draw all over your back with pen. Of course, this sounds fairly straightforward, but there's more. I got a fantastic ball point tattoo right before dinner (courtesy of two fantastic in house artists) and in the hopes of not holding up the meal decided to stub it off later. After dinner, there was a soccer game. I didn't have any homework so I decided to join my brothers in watching Paris v. Madrid, from start to finish of course. In those ninety three minutes (overtime!) some thing magical occurred...the seemingly harmless blue pen ink turned into a transfer tattoo...and it transferred in all its magnificence right into the beautiful white leather couch I was snuggled into. After the game ended, everyone got up and I just happened to glance down and notice the massive bright blue stain on the formerly pristine couch. 
I wanted to melt into the floor and never wake up, but of course that was not an option. 
My ever helpful brothers laughed as I pointed it out to the parents and I watched with absolute terror as the stain refused to come out. Four products later, bunches of scrubbing and an unhealthy dose of stress later the couch returned to white. In the time it took to clean up the mess I mentally prepared myself to fly back home and call this year abroad a failure. The mere fact that I am still alive makes me think that my host family is truly magnificent, but the fact that they laughed and teased and somehow made me feel less guilty in the process made me realize just how special they are. I've been welcomed into other people's homes and even families before, but this French adoption truly astounded me. By no means were any of my family members required to take me in and accept me as one of their own, but they did wholeheartedly. I still can't quite believe my luck. 
That is all for tonight, I hope I was able to provide some laughs but also some appreciation for fantastic humans (all of them!). Night night, xoxo lu. 

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