10 September 2016

(premature) Reminiscence

Some assorted pictures because I've started life here, but I still miss life there. 

 Hiking with my class mates over spring break, in the gorges of Verdun.
 The view during said hike.
 Beaune, a cool old hospital/nun place that also sells wine.
 Two lovely lovely people at Sunset, our place.
 My host family, all sitting on my host brother on his birthday.
 Me, my host mom, her friend Anne and my brother's friend Charlene at my sort of surprise going away party.
 Me and X on the last day of school.
 Me and S on our last day together.
One of my favorite coffee cups ever.
 Me and my mom in Paris, taking obligatory selfies.
 Sitges, the spanish beach town where I spent the first half of spring break.
 A rare sighting of me and my sister's names spelled properly on tourist toys.
 El Pilar, in Zaragoza, when I visited Kate. Also where Carmen is now.

 Sagrada Familia.
 Tapas in Barcelona.

Roquebrune, where we stayed over spring break.

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