16 July 2016

...blogging attempt 3792491

I've finally realized that "trying to make up for lost time" on this blog will like not happen, if only because I keep having new and exciting things happen to me. Seeing as I have neglected to write for three and a half months, that task has now become rather daunting. Hopefully, some retrospectives will eventually fill in some of the (many) gaps I've left in this blog. 

All that said - I've decided to begin making a concerted effort to write more. In the past this has not always been successful but I think it's worth a try. Influence and inspiration for this renewed effort comes from two sources. One, my regret of not having kept a more detailed account / journal during my time in France - and my desire to avoid this same regret in the future. Two, Chimamanda Ngozi Adiche's "Americanah" - a summer-reading-book-turned-favorite featuring a main character that blogged. Maybe if I write, I will remember what I've lived and what I thought at the time. And maybe, just maybe, if I write enough, my blog will become something more than recountings of my recent life experiences - maybe something more profound will emerge. 

So here I am, with a renewed domain ownership and some new post ideas, somewhere over the Atlantic. Let see how long it lasts :)


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