06 September 2015

a list of thoughts // Rennes so far

*i apparently have been wanting to be french more than I realize : they eat cereal without bowls, just like I always wanted to do, and they have desert after every meal

*cheese and baguettes with dinner are better than everything and anything 
*the smell of a bakery is basically heaven 

*galette for savory, crepe for sweet --- galette au saucisson are awesome

*being in a new country turns me into a new person --- I watch and listen and say very little  

*there is literally no way to escape learning when you're abroad 

*french aren't really like their stereotype (baguettes and little hats) but Americans are (Netflix and fast food)

*my host family is awesome because they let me walk around with a blanket cape without judging, then joined in 

*the weather is very indecisive here and currently v cold but only inside 

*you're not actually awake until you've given everyone in the house "un bisou" 

*drinking coffee out of a bowl with breakfast (and in a little cup after every meal) is my new fav thing

There are already so many new things I'm learning and adapting...I can't wait to encounter more. School starts tomorrow with orientation activities and I think it's going to be excelent. Now I'm headed out on a bike ride with Isabelle, my host mom! 


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