12 September 2015

a week of photos // yes, delayed

Rennes' older buildings look like this... they're all around me when I get off the metro every morning to walk to school. 

School is more than okay when wandering around a city counts as a legitimate assignment....

Rennes contains so many beautiful and interesting buildings, everywhere I go there are more to see. I hope to capture many more throughout the year.

Maria and I ate lunch at Creperie St. George... so tasty, with awesome decor.

My morning walk to the bus...I'll take a better photo when I'm not running late, oops.

Even just a road can be gorgeous and exciting...but it's all better with new friends. 

And of course snacks.... There are so many magical cafes and patisseries to visit here in Rennes and I can't wait to explore them in the coming nine months. 


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