23 September 2015

school // just a way to get closer to crepes....

^ Place Hoche...asleep when I pass through in the mornings but quite vivid on the way home

I haven't been able to blog very much about daily life here mostly because I feel like I'm always doing something new and more exciting than blogging... Life is still far from "normal" but I'm beginning to adopt a routine of sorts. My school sits in the middle of old Rennes so there are plenty of boulangeries and patisseries all around and they've become a bit of a habit...oops. School ends at 6 pm some days, so of course we're all famished and sometimes stop for a snack. Last week there was a particularly picturesque walk home, complete with crepes, so I snapped a few pictures to share...

^ a kind soul recommended Sanchez to me and called it life changing...

^ it was a bit too cold for their delicious looking ice cream so we saved that for another day...

^ i opted for a crepe de caramel beurre salĂ©e - caramel made with salt butter, a Breton specialty 

^ maria went with an extremely photogenic gaufre (waffle) with speculoos...think the delta airplane cookies in butter format

The crepe and the gaufre were both absolutely delicious, even if we made a total mess of ourselves while enjoying them. 

Goal for the year : learn to eat a sweet crepe without emerging covered in Nutella.

...btw (for those of you in Rennes) the guy who makes the crepes is super cute...

** p.s. pro tip for all readers = crepes and French pastries are scientifically proven to make all homework and studing easier...or at least more fun**



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  1. You're killing me with all these pictures of yummy French Food!!! Can't believe how long you've been away now but am glad you are enjoying it! Send me some crepes!!! Miss you! Love ya!


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