21 September 2015

a weekend in bretagne

The field trips are incredible when you decide to spend your whole school year in France...we spent three days touring Brittany (or Bretagne) and saw an incredible amount of wonderful things. Here are a few that I managed to photograph...

A "enclos a oiseaux" in northern Brittany...

Even the doors are dramatic.

Absolutely stunning...second enclos we visited.

Che's photography in Kemper...

A patisserie...more creds to Che for capturing this deliciousness.

My lunch in Kemper... "Moules Frites" 

The Cathedral in Kemper was incredible...and absolutely huge.

A church on the way to our hike on Saturday.

The only "mountain" in Brittany becomes "la lande" (heathland) at the top, and it's gorgeous.  

The valley as seen from Menez Hom.

Farms going right up to the ocean, one hundred percent picture perfect.

A typical mountain top picture of my class mates...

The Atlantic.

Entering Douarnenez, where our hotel for the weekend was.

On the way back to Rennes we stopped at Carnac...

Thousands of rocks, organized in rows by Neolithic people... an immense amount of effort at the very least.

                        ...a great weekend with great people, getting to know our  new home-region...


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