20 August 2015

big time scary // feeling real

Last night I finally shared this blog with the people who follow me on social media (with the above pic on my Insta...) and it felt far more personal than expected. For the last few weeks I've tried to keep up with the blog and update regularly, but only a handful of people knew that I was even keeping a blog.

I know for a fact that now my friends and family will be visiting my blog, I believe mainly to track my adventures abroad (as intended) but also out of pure curiosity... I find this very exciting but also a bit daunting. Before my audience was imaginary, residing in the anonyminity of the Internet but now I've received feedback from my people who've already visited this site.

Continuing on the topic of more personal, I made a decision when I put links up on my social media. I have been trying to maintain a fairly secretive identity but I realized that this blog already is going to share my adventures, thoughts, personality, life and more...why not at least link my personal Instagram? Initially I tried to keep a separate Instagram account for the blog, but (maybe I'm just a mess) I was having difficulty keeping it up so I've decided to just stick to my personal account - lu.vosmik. It's now linked to this blog (look on the right hand side of the page...) which I hope gives more insight to me, as well as inspires me to improve my Insta pic quality.

The original purpose of this blog was to create a digital diary for people "back home" to stay up to date on my adventures, even if I'm not able to talk to them all the time. I also hope to provide some entertainment or at least interesting viewing for the casual stumble-uponer, ideally enough to keep them coming back :) I think I'm on my way to these goals...or at least I hope!

(Now I'm headed to Charlottesville to check out UVa...and I have every intention of visiting my favorite bakery on the way home!)


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