13 August 2015

all tucked in

After a stressful morning, a medium length drive and an action packed evening I am now safely tucked into my bed in Wintergreen listening to the night. The apartment is "cozy" (code for tiny) but until my other aunts arrive C and I get to share a real bed, where we're currently located and checking electronics. The car ride from RVA wasn't bad at all, 2hours ish, just enough time for a jam sesh and a nap. The last leg of the drive here was gorgeous, and I'm glad I was awake to see it... 

Visiting ski towns in the summer always seems a bit odd to me, and it's always clear it's the off season,  but so far it's been fun. Right after dinner all eight of us headed to some night tubing, which ended up being far more exhilarating than expected (I'd recommend trying it) but enjoyable for everyone, even Al. I didn't get any pics but I'll get them from others if possible, and share of course. Now I'm headed off to sleep before another action packed day with the little cousins! (Never before have I charged up a hill screaming, dragging two inner tubes...I'm definitely worn out)

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