10 August 2015

feeling useless//intro

^ a typical failed attempt at me+pony self portraiture 

This summer I've been nannying my little cousins which has proven to be extremely action packed and tiring at times. However, I occasionally find myself technically babysitting but in reality sitting in a foreign kitchen while my little charges play at a friends house, just waiting for them to cross the street and come home. Right now is one of these types of situations, and trust me I've rarely felt more useless. However, this time I've decided to take the opportunity to introduce myself a bit more properly. I wanted to get the blog running, but in doing so failed to post any sort of introduction, so here goes... Amongst friends I go by Lu, which is the name I'll go by on the blog. I currently live in Richmond, Virginia (USA) but am only three weeks away from moving to Rennes, France for the school year. I am still in high school, so I live at home with my family/host family next year! I have two younger sisters that I spend plenty of time with, so they will probably make frequent appearances on the blog. I also really enjoy riding horses, and my primary sport is rowing crew. I used to play the harp, and even though I don't play very much any more I definitely still love music. Art also appears frequently in my life, so that will likely appear on th blog as well. At the start of the summer I began a blog with two friends (urbanxescapades) in order to keep track of adventures, but realized it wasn't the best platform for blogging about my more mundane activities... Hence the birth of Chronicles of a Small Life! Here I hope to share my life in a digital diary type of format, but with an emphasis on memories and adventures I find especially interesting, typical of my life or otherwise worth sharing. I don't have a theme for the blog so it may be a bit random at times, but I'll try to keep it organized and coherent, and most importantly enjoyable! As the blog progresses you'll likely learn not only about my adventures, but also about me which will hopefully add to the overall experience. I hope you enjoy, and as always comment/email (hello@chroniclesofasmalllife.com) to send in anything you'd like to share!


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