28 August 2015

yes, I'm still blogging

Major, big time, crazy never ending apologies...I've totally disappeared. Of course, I knew it would happen at some point and it will definitely happen again but I am sorry nevertheless. This past week or so has been super crazy, and life is only getting crazier. I have less than a week until I depart for Rennes, so I am extremely excited + a little anxious + busy trying to get ready. Today is my last day of work, which should free up my life a little but knowing me I'll fill the free time just as soon as I get it. 

I will try to recap the past week...so much has happened that i may not catch it all. In addition, there are a few topics that definitely deserve their own post.

Last Friday I put myself on an Amtrak train and headed to NYC for a long weekend. My cousin who Shaw been living there invited me up, and I finally was able to take her up on her offer. She was incredibly generous with her time (and apartment!) and expertise - I had an incredible time. In a separate post (I'll link to it once it's written) I'll go into detail...especially on the incredible food. 

I kept babysitting once I got home, which was super fun this week. One on one time with a little cousin is great - we had a spa day, played with friends and headed to the river. I'll post pictures from the river separately...

I also forgot to mention that last week I skyped with some SYA classmates which was very exciting...I also got the book of letters that my mom wrote home during her time at SYA which I'm slowly working through...I've already found a mention of my dad, which was pretty cool. 

Last blurb! I finally got a bette camera for myself + the blog. She is named Fred (if she's a friend, I'll use her more? Maybe... I thought naming would be fun at the very least) and I picked her out in NYC. Keep your eyes peeled for better pics!

Xo, sorry it's so brief!

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