19 August 2015

impromptu lunch // mother daughter bonding

Yesterday morning my mom and I found ourselves an hour early for an appointment down town, unexpected because we thought we were wicked late...as usual. She proposed lunch to pass the time and we ended up at a restaurant I'd never visited before called Pasture. The chef's goal (according to their website) is to make good southern food with local ingredients, and I think he's succeeded. Apparently there is a second location in Charlottesville, which I haven't visited but will if I have the chance. I ordered a cheddar grilled cheese because I hadn't had one in a while, and it was really quite good. My mom had a salad with a side of the falafel she remembered having had there before. We ate outside but the decor inside was very cool, so I snapped a picture while my mom caught up with some friends she ran into.



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