15 August 2015

today's adventures//a brief run-through

I finally remembered to take pictures, so I have some better content to share! Granted, I only had my phone so the quality isn't excellent on all of them but I believe that visuals are always nice. 

Step one on the agenda today was breakfast at the Farmer's Market in Nelson county, which I though was extremely well put together.... My sisters and I quickly found the donut truck and shared some, and then I moved onto a pumpkin spice muffin. Both were super tasty, and pretty photogenic :)

My aunt is also really into Kombucha, and there was a local brewer (I think that's the proper term) with a stand so we tried some. I had a ginger flavored one that was awesome...it tasted like very gingery, slightly sour fizzy tea. 

After the farmers market we went to a fish hatchery (by way of a missed turn) and parked under a cool hibiscus tree (in the photo with the Kombucha sticker) then looked around and had lunch. 

Then we began our hike!

We hiked at Crabtree Falls (about half an hour from Wintergreen) which was a pretty spectacular spot. 

According to my cousins research, these falls are the longest cascading falls in the USA to the east of the Missippi River. It certainly seems to be the case...this was only one part, it wasn't all visible at once!

When we finally reached the top (1.7 miles seems way longer with little kids, up hill) the view over the valley was awesome, and we got to take a (dysfunctional) cousin-pic once all the stragglers arrived!

I stuck my feet in the creek to cool off, and then we all marched back down the hill. After wards parents went to a brewery, and I drove all is kids to get ice cream...an all around great end to the day. 


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