13 August 2015

chauffeur duty//waiting

My mom has had it way easier in terms of driving time now that I have my liscence. Not only am I able to take myself wherever I need to be, I can also transport my sisters. This morning, C and I had consecutive appointments so I drove us both into town. However, this means that I now have an hour or so to kill while I wait for my turn...so why not blog?! C and I have very similar schedules, so I find myself driving her around pretty frequently. I think it started when we both joined the same crew team and had practices at the same time, but for whatever reason we not only drive around a lot but we also eat together a ton! We used to end up at Starbucks whenever we had an early morning that called for coffee, but we recently upgraded 1000%. (In fact we've finally made a habit of trying local, extra tasty spots...with the excuse of "sibling bonding before I leave")

Meet Sugar Shack, the best breakfast spot ever. They're primarily a donut shop but they also serve coffee. We originally went just for the donuts, but then realized that the "special coffee hipster" (as named by C) made some pretty excellent lattes to pair with our donuts. Their "lattes of the day" are always excellent, and you can order all sorts of tasty drinks , even if the menu looks pretty minimalistic. Today I had a Spiced Mocha, which I first tried as a latte of the day a while ago and adored, and C had a Irish Cream Mocha that she liked. And as usual, we both got chocolate sprinkle donuts. The shop offers tons of incredible flavors but ever since we stopped there on the way home from parental-authorized ditching school, chocolate sprinkle has been our go to. If you have the chance, definitely stop into one of their three RVA locations. 

They're super tasty - and make great bug eyes...C wouldn't let me touch my donut till I took this picture of her. 


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