12 August 2015

Homegrown Apples

I'm supposed to be packing for my weekend trip to Wintergreen VA, but as I was thinking about my upcoming cousins weekend I realized that to me mountains and cool end of summers mean apple picking... The popular orchards aren't quite ripe yet, but I'm incredibly lucky to have a dad that planted his very own fruit orchard. Our trees ripen a bit earlier that the mountain top ones, so this past weekend my dad made a batch of cider out of some of our homegrown apples. As I was helping him I realized how photogenic our slightly rustic (out of an Amish catalogue, I believe) but very effective cider press looks while in use and wanted to share what my past Saturday afternoon looked like. 

First you pick the apples and throw them in the cider press (while someone spins the black wheel) to get ground up...sometimes apples get stuck

After the apples go through the press they look like this: 

Once the basket is full, you smush it down until the juice all comes out. 

And then you enjoy, and trust me it's super tasty! By the end of the whole process, a glass of juice always sounds great. 

Right after making the cider, my family headed off to a wedding reception for my close friend's mom. I didn't get many pictures (not enough to write a whole post) but it was a gorgeous party in the headquarters of the Virginia Garden Club, with an absolutely beautiful (and tasty!) cake that I had to share a pic of...the toppers were vintage from a shop in Carytown! 


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