05 August 2015

experiment no. 1

I promise I'll get more creative with my post titles, but for now I hope you're having a lovely day.

I've always been a visual person, and really really really enjoy color (blue is my favorite). In addition, I like experimenting with color and in some cases my hair. In seventh grade I dyed a streak bright blue (pixie stix candy is a surprisingly potent dye) just for fun. Of course, it faded to a horrid green and I eventually had to dye the streak back to my natural blonde. However, blue hair has always interested me... About a month ago I saw a picture online of gorgeous silvery-pastel-blue hair and it's been on my mind ever since. A friend of a friend also had dyed her hair an incredible rich bluey purple color and added to my inspiration.

I couldn't make the full head leap permanently, but I knew I had to at least play with a little color. I ran out to a hair supply store and picked up ski permanent dye in lavender and aqua colors, then spent the rest of my morning pretending to be an artist... I decided to only dye the tips of my hair, so that I could cut off any mess in the case of an utter disaster. Granted, I had very little idea what I was doing so the initial result was very subtle...

After having the muted purple for a day, I decided I wanted a brighter, and slightly bluer color. To achieve this I dyed my hair a very light blonde last night (I'm super scared when it comes to bleach...maybe one day) and then tried the colors again this morning. End results on the next post...I'm super happy with the ombré type dip dye but of course I'm going to keep playing with it, because that's where half the fun is. And of course I'll post updates as it progresses!

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