18 August 2015

Lu + C + Lettrick // a spontaneous day

Occasionally I think about how boring my life seems, but invariably a day comes along that reminds me that's not exactly the case. Of course I wouldn't be writing that if I hadn't recently had such a day, so without further ado I have a picture timeline to share from yesterday (side note: I'm getting better at the pictures thing!) 

I slept through my alarm, which is far from the norm, but even so C and I had time to grab coffee + a donut at Sugar Shack on our way to Pilates. I got an iced spiced mocha which was excellent, and as an added bonus C's  "coffee hipster" is barely visible in the background. 

Pilates was great as usual (it always makes me feel stretchy and just plain good) and afterwards we headed home to shower + meet up with C's friend the Lettrick (how she appeared in my contacts when I synced with C). We then headed out to lunch, with a quick stop at Ellwood Thompson's for some tasty and healthy juice + kombucha. 

We picked up lunch at Goatacado in Carytown Bike Co. and it was great as usual. I got the Mountain Tropp and shared with C - Lettrick got the Athena. 

We made an impromptu stop in Plan 9 Records, an awesome store that's been around since my dad lived in the Fan and visited it for music and AC during the summer. Some flannels hanging outside caught our eye, so we stopped into Luxor on our way back to the car. The vintage store is packed with all sorts of fun finds, and C bought a new favorite shirt. 

The Lettrick hadn't been to Addison street, one of my favorite places to frequent with C, so of course we took her to visit. C invited her via "formal invitation" aka text to come along on a sisters day...so we had to keep it authentic! The three shops were excellent as usual, and we all got a little something that brightened our days. After we stopped at Lamplighters Roasting Co. for some iced coffee and headed off. 

This is C's "situational sadness" face... She's working on my mom to get a puppy, and has done surprisingly well in the convincing department. I agreed to go to the pound to look at puppies, and we ended up at City Hall thanks to her subpar research skills. Apparently she legitimately thought they'd have puppies in a corner office of something. I got the proper adress, only to find out apon arrival that it was closed. Hence the sadness, but we'll likely be returning soon.

On our way back towards home we took an extremely circuitous route, and saw some new cute places.

We also stopped into a psychic store at C and the Lettricks request and had lots of fun picking out rocks for our friends...apparently they have mystical properties , but I liked the colors. I decided to use the as going away gifts for my closest friends in order to save money for better things in France. 

All in all the day was crazy, adventurous and super fun. C and I have a good time together, and hanging out with her friends isn't bad at all...because we're close in age there is actually considerable social overlap. After all the adventures I dropped off the rocks and visited with my friend Mol. She's finally back from her summer adventures, so of course we had some catching up to do. I realized I only had 17 days left in RVA (16 now!) which was a major bittersweet moment...and definitely inspired me to make the most of the rest of my summer. I'll keep you posted!

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