06 August 2015

exciting new things


I'm not the most artistically talented person, but unfortunately for me I am very artistically inclined... This leaves me with bit of a dilemma because while I frequently visualize things I'd like to create, the execution rarely matches my visual idea. However, I've recently begun keeping an artistic journal of sorts where I've combined painting with diary-type reflections. I've really enjoyed working on it, and hope to share some of its contents on my blog. The page I've shared here works nicely with something I worked out today.

I'm spending the summer working as a nanny for my little cousins, and today little Al helped me pick out a new visual appearance for my blog. I'm not the best with coding themes and such (although I'd love to learn) so we picked out a pre-made theme from pipdig that will arrive soon. I'm very excited because I think it will add a whole new element to my blog that more accurately reflects my personality (see journal entry page!) and of course looks much better. In addition to the aesthetic aspects, getting input from my little cousin was quite fun! Keep your eyes peeled for the improvement :)


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